International Court of Justice

Distinguished delegates!

We are so pleased that you have chosen our Model to join this year. Personally, I would like to thank you for reading my address to newcomers! You may wonder how eager we should be to organize the ICJ, but we are proud enough to say that only very experienced presidium and delegates will make this organ the most successful on the MSUMUN Session 2018. Our honorable Expert and Lady Vice-President are the best in issues of international law and world politics. You should notice that the work of our organ differs from others as the ICJ is the only judicial authority in the UN. Before applying, please read through the Rules of procedure to explore more about the body. The agenda of this year is the most debatable issue of the passing year, the revision of Nicaraguan boundaries. If you do believe in justice, truth and equity, send us your request.


President of the International Court of Justice,

Polina Nesterova

Dear delegates!

It is the first time of the International court of Justice door's-opening on the MSUMUN 2018, and I'm so glad of being here. Delegates change, committees become bigger, but the purpose of our meetings remains unchanged year after year. We all create our own history of the MSUMUN, we improve our skills and cover talents, catch new information and make ourselves better every day.
In our committee, in the first year of its opening, daredevils and "drinking champagne" lovers will gather for intensive and proud work at the International Court of Justice, where the scales lean towards the determination in the delegate's voice.
On this model, we would find out, to whom will smile Themis. 
Well, are you with us?

Best wishes,

Vice-President of the  International Court of Justice,

Elizaveta Kazakova

Dear delegates!

I have the honor to take part in the sessions of the 12th MSU Model of the United Nations as an expert of the International Court of Justice.

In 2018 for the very first time you will have a chance to become a part of the ICJ Model. You will be able to practice your English skills and join the discussion of the case.

The agenda for this session is a territorial dispute over the ownership of the border sections, namely, "Land Boundary in the Northern Part of Isla Portillos (Costa Rica v. Nicaragua)". The case was initiated by Costa Rica on January 16, 2017.

I believe that this topic will raise some serious questions as well as stormy discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you at the ICJ!

All the best,

Expert of the International Court of Justice,

Sofia  Pimenova

President, Judge 1 Nesterova Polina
Vice-president, Judge 2 Kazakova Elizaveta
Advocate Side Costa-Rica (Agents) Alexey Perminov, Alpatov Pavel
Advocate Side Nicaragua (Agents)  Guna Alexander, Efimenko Valeriia
Judge 3 Shatunovskiy-Byurno Konstantin
Judge 4 Dzhegolya Irina
Judge 5 Sultanova Vlada
Judge 6 Kiselyov Vyacheslav
Judge 7 Shcherbanenko Yuliya
Judge 8 Shabalina Alina
Judge 9 Dubinina Daria
Judge 10 Smirnov Mihail
Judge 11 Petrichenko Albina
Judge 12 Khotkina Marina
Judge 13  Dunkan Mark
Judge 14  Potyseva Elena
Judge 15 Kholodkova Mariya
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