Honorable delegates of the ECOSOC!

Words fail to describe how grateful I am for the opportunity to be your Chairperson at MSUMUN 2018.

My name is Aleksandra, I am MGIMO junior majoring in International Journalism. Model UN took my heart four years ago, and since then I became a dedicated MUNer. My most rewarding academic experiences are closely connected with the MUNs I have participated in and organized while in Moscow, New York and Tbilisi. Now, I feel thrilled and honored to join you at distinguished Moscow State University. 

The agenda we are going to work on is usually overlooked by international organizations. Thus, here is a perfect opportunity for you to introduce your own solution to the issue which is so miserably relevant. Let yourself seize it to the fullest!

Looking forward to meet you in February!

President of the ECOSOC,
Grishina Aleksandra

Honorable Delegates!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 12th session of the MSUMUN in the Economic and Social Council! 

This year’s agenda requires knowledge in a wide variety of fields such as law, economics, and most importantly ethics. Nelson Mandela Rules were developed in honor of one of the biggest fighters for democracy and a human rights activist, so don’t hesitate to follow in his footsteps.

The future is in your hands! Thanks to your diligent work on the resolution during the session a significant contribution will be made to the fight for humane attitude towards every person in the world regardless of their social position. 

The world of MUNs is bright and challenging and every delegate creates their own path meeting ambitious and highly intelligent people along the way. I really hope you will deign to join the 2018 ECOSOC session and get the process of implementation of the Mandela Rules off the ground! 

Yours faithfully, 
Vice-President of the ECOSOC 
Sergeeva Daria

Honorable delegates!

I am very glad to welcome you to the annual MSUMUN as an Expert of our committee!

I am sure that we are waiting for heated debates and constructive work. You will have the chance to become a representative of the country for a week, about the existence of which you may not even have thought about, or it may be well-known for you.

The agenda of our committee is very relevant in the period of a politically unstable world. You will have to consider the problem from different angles without stepping over the edges of diplomatic etiquette. You have the opportunity to change history, as well as look at global problems from the side of another state. Let us together change the world for the better. Love the Model. Live with the Model.

Expert of the ECOSOC 
Papyan Arman

Afghanistan Vacant
Algeria Vacant
Andorra Vacant
Australia Vacant
Azerbaijan Vacant
Belarus Vacant
Belgium Vacant
Benin Vacant
Bosnia and Herzegovina Vacant
Cameroon Vacant
Chad Vacant
Chile Vacant
China Vacant
Colombia Vacant
Czech Republic Vacant
El Salvador Vacant
Ecuador Vacant
France Vacant
Germany Vacant
Ghana Vacant
Guyana Vacant
India Vacant
Iraq Vacant
Ireland Vacant
Italy Vacant
Japan Vacant
Lebanon Vacant
Malawi Vacant
Mexico Vacant
Morocco Vacant
Nigeria Vacant
Norway Vacant
Peru Vacant
Philippines Vacant
Republic of Korea Vacant
Republic of Moldova Vacant
Russian Federation Vacant
Rwanda Vacant
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vacant
Somalia Vacant
South Africa Vacant
Spain Vacant
Sudan Vacant
Swaziland Vacant
Sweden Vacant
Tajikistan President
Togo Vacant
Turkey Vacant
United Arab Emirates Vacant
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Vacant
United States of America Vacant
Uruguay Vacant
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Vacant
Viet Nam Vacant
Amnesty International Vacant
Human Rights Watch Vacant
International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) Vacant
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