Frequently asked questions

What is Model UN?

Model UN is an international student conference and role-play game where participants imitate the work of the United Nations bodies during the week. Everyone can act as an official representative of a UN member state or an international organization. The aim of each delegate is to defend the position of their country. The ultimate goal of every committee is to adopt a resolution on the agenda.

Each of the participants of Model UN gains a huge experience of negotiating and public speaking, analytical thinking and the ability to resolve conflicts. In addition, such conference always brings some new acquaintances from different countries. You can communicate both as diplomats during the meetings, and in an informal atmosphere during the social events.

Who participates in the Model UN?

Every year, the students of top Russian and foreign universities take part in MSUMUN. Delegates come from Venezuela, Mexico, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Italy, China, the United States and many other countries. That is why socials of MSUMUN are versatile as we want to give a warm welcome to our guests and show them the beauty of Moscow.

What are the Committees?

Model United Nations imitates the work of the United Nations entities. Structures whose work is being simulated are called Bodies or Committees. Delegates act as representatives of the assigned countries or organizations. Each Committee has its own discussion topic i.e. agenda. You can find the current agenda list here.

How to participate in the Model UN?

To take part in Model UN Moscow State University 2024, you should:

  • Choose the agenda and committee you would like to participate in;
  • Study the Expert’s report and write an essay on the agenda;
  • Fill in the registration form and attach your essay to the letter;
  • Wait for an e-mail from the Expert to arrange an interview;
  • Write a Position Paper, based on official documents of the state or organization assigned;
  • On March 14, 2024 come to the main building of Moscow State University to the opening ceremony!

Do I need to pay any fees?

Will be updated soon