Why Participate?


History and traditions 
Our model is held in the oldest university in Russia. Its academic and student traditions carefully preserved through centuries of the MSU's history have been incorporated into our Model United Nations, making it stand out among other Russian MUNs. Over the years, we have been praised for the welcoming and friendly atmosphere that our delegates plunge into as soon as the session starts. Here at MSUMUN, you join Moscow State University's people and become part of its history. 

Six official UN languages
Since 2018, MSUMUN is one of the three MUNs in the world, operating in all official UN languages ​​- Russian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. A vast number of foreigners coming from all corners of the world - from Argentina to Japan - fly to Moscow State University, knowing they can now participate in the work of a committee which uses one of the languages they speak. 
International Court of Justice
Moscow State University Model UN is the only model in Moscow that imitates the work of the International Court of Justice (in English). It is a notable example of intrauniversity collaboration between students of the Shool of World Politics and the Department of International Law of the Law School. Together they are ready to show the delegates the most constructive and most impartial dialogue aimed at solving the issue on the agenda.

Journalism Committee
MSUMUN was the first model UN in Moscow to introduce a committee where the work of the world's most popular news agencies is simulated. CNN, Russia Today, BBC and Al-Jazeera are ready to become MSUMUN's "fourth power" to broadcast to the outside world what is happening between the diplomats in the halls of the conference.

The MSUMUN Times
An official newspaper which covers the activities at MSUMUN was founded in 2010, and has since conducted countless interviews with MSUMUN delegates and staff, published analytical articles written both by professors and students. In 2015 the MSUMUN Times won the award for "Best political analysis" competing with other student newspapers of Moscow State University. We always do our best to meet the expectations of our readers providing articles on the most pressing world issues as well as entertaining information.

"A little party never killed nobody"
Tired after all the hard work in the committees? Then black tie reception, slowly turning into a dancing party till dawn is exactly what you need to shake off the fatigue and have some fun! MSUMUN staff is preparing for the delegates a fabulous farewell event not to be missed. As time goes on, badges can get lost, countries' placards can tear but memories will remain forever. MSUMUN Staff will take care of it.

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