What are committees?

Model UN imitates the work of United Nations structures. Such structures are called bodies, or committees. Delegates act as representatives of UN member-states in one of the committees simulated at the conference. Each body has its own agenda - a topic discussed during sessions.

At MSUMUN 2018 twelve committees are open for application:

  • Security Council (in Russian);
  • Human Rights Council (in Russian);
  • Economic and Social Council (in English);
  • International Atomic Energy Agency (in Russian);
  • UNESCO (in Russian);
  • First Committee of the General Assembly - Disarmament and International Security (in Russian);
  • Counter-Terrorism Committee (in French);
  • Commission on Narcotic Drugs (in Spanish);
  • Security Council (in Arabic);
  • Security Council (in Chinese);
  • International Court of Justice (in English);
  • Journalism Committee (4 news agencies).
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