Honorable guests of MSUMUN

Moscow State University Model UN is not limited to formal committee meetings. School of World Politics provides delegates with the unique opportunity to meet professionals who have had solid work experience in the field of international relations.

Every year MSUMUN participants are greeted by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN. Distinguished experts of political science and global affairs share their knowledge with the delegates at special meetings organized by MSUMUN staff. 

Our guests over the years:
  • Viktor Sadovnichiy, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  • Boris Poklad, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the USSR;
  • Anatoly Gromyko, Soviet and Russian scholar and diplomat, Director of the Institute of Africa ASUSSR and RAS in 1976-1992, President of the Russian Movement for Democratic International Order and Support of the United Nations;
  • Sergey Karev, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN;
  • Alexander Gorelik, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, 1999-2014;
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow, since 2015;
  • Ilya Rogachev (Director of Russian Foreign Ministry's Department of new challenges and threats);
  • Aleksander Shchetinin, Director of Russian Foreign Ministry's Department of Latin America;
  • Gregory Kovrizhenko, Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, chairman of the Youth Commission of the United Nations Association of Russia;
  • Bishow Parajuli, Representative of UN World Food Program;
  • Mark Katz, Professor of government and politics at George Mason University, USA;
  • Ryszard Komenda, Senior Advisor on Human Rights to the UN Country Team in the Russian Federation.
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