History of MSUMUN

Moscow State University is well-known for the continuity of its traditions coupled with the best academic practices. Moscow State University Model United Nations builds on these principles. 

Moscow State University first participated in the world Model movement in January 1990. Students and professors of MSU and MGIMO organized their first Russian Model United Nations.

In 2006 students of the school of world politics founded their own Model UN at the Moscow State University. Following the results of the 3rd session in 2009, the Conference Secretariat decided to assign an official international name to the Model. The conference has since been recognized as Moscow State University Model United Nations (MSUMUN).

The number of committees at MSUMUN has been growing steadily since 2013 when UNESCO and the Historic Security Council (in French) were first simulated. Thus, the variety of bodies available for application expanded to six. Four others included the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Economic and Social Council (in English). 

In 2016 the Journalism Committee was established to attract delegates who have keen interest in pursuing a career in the respective field. The participants are expected to assume the role of journalists, photographers and editors of the world's leading news agencies (CNN, Russia Today, BBC, Al Jazeera). Their job is to compete in providing the most comprehensive coverage of the session with respect to their agencies' styles. 

With the interest towards MSUMUN on the increase, new bodies and new official languages have been introduced. 2018 will be the first year in MSUMUN history when all six official languages of the United Nations - English, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic - will be used during conference's session.
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