How to write a resolution?

What is a resolution? 

A resolution is a document that contains the decisions proposed by the delegates on the agenda of the body. A resolution that has not yet passed the voting procedure is called a draft resolution.

Who writes the resolution? 

Any delegate of the body can write a draft resolution. The author of the resolution is called a sponsor. Resolutions can have several sponsors. The resolution may contain general provisions or motivations for action in relation to UN bodies, specialized agencies of the United Nations or States.

The resolution consists of three parts:

1) Page header: 
- name of the body 
- list of sponsors of the resolution 
- list of subscribers to the resolution (countries that agree to discuss this draft resolution) 
- agenda of the body 

2) Preamble:
List the reasons for the interest of the body and the international community in resolving the issue that is on the agenda.

May include:
- the mention of UN resolutions, agreements and conventions relating to the issue under discussion;
- a list of steps taken at the regional and national levels, the level of non-governmental organizations; 
- references to articles of the UN Charter and other acts of international law; 
- statements by the UN Secretary General or UN agencies; 
- general information or facts on the agenda item, their importance and significance. 

The paragraphs of preamble are separated from each other by a comma.

3) The main part of the resolution 
This part of the resolution contains specific steps proposed by the sponsors of the resolution to address the issue on the agenda. Items should be organized in logical sequence and go under the numbers. If it is necessary to describe in more detail the point of the main part of the resolution, it is recommended to use a bulleted list. The points are separated from each other by a semicolon. 

Important to remember! 

A resolution is one sentence, where the subject is the name of the body, and the predicates are the paragraphs of the main part of the resolution.

The resolution should contain solutions, the implementation of which is possible in actual conditions. If in the main part of the resolution you propose to create a new committee, commission or working group, you must specify the source of their funding. 

Before creating a new authority, make sure that it does not duplicate existing ones. 

Resolutions of all UN bodies are recommendatory in nature. Only Security Council resolutions require action.

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