How to write a position statement?

Make sure that your position statement addresses the following questions:

  • How is your country's history related to the issue on the agenda? 
  • How does the problem affect your country? 
  • What is your country's policy on the issue, and how is it justified? 
  • What actions does your government take to confront the issue? 
  • What agreements and resolution has your country signed or ratified? 
  • Does your country support UN actions or not? 
  • What do you think your country needs to do to solve the problem? 
  • What can your country achieve in the final resolution, and how can your country's position change under the influence of other countries?
Your country's position statement should not exceed 1.5-2 typed pages. 
Tips for writing a position statement: 

  • Use simple language. Avoid using complex linguistic structures. Simple language and a clear structure make your content easy to read and to understand. 
  • Structurize your arguments. Organize each idea in a separate paragraph. 
  • Cite your sources. You can always refer to them during your speech or when answering a difficult question. 
  • Fact-check! Also, when using terms, remember what they mean. 
  • Refrain from sharp criticism and insults. This is undiplomatic. 
  • Double-check your speech before presentation. Do not use slang and colloquial language. Check if your speech is logical, and correct stylistic errors if any remain. 
  • Practice delivering your speech. Mind the intonation. It should attract listeners so that they become interested and listen to you attentively. 
  • Think about possible questions that you may be asked after you finish your presentation. Think of the answers.
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