Cultural program

Monday - Entertainment

Walk to the Movie House
Address: M. Polyanka, Kropotkinskaya, Bolotnaya naberezhnaya, 7, p.4
Cost: 350 rubles per person per hour.

Tuesday - get to know Moscow

"Quest and tour across the streets of Moscow"


The Tsar Bell
The Tsar's Cannon
Cathedral of the Archangel
Ivan the Great belltower
Red Square (Kremlin)
Alexander Garden
Park Zaryadye (floating bridge)
The program will complete the quest, where you will have the opportunity to perform tasks, based on the knowledge gained during tour. And lastly, to keep warm, you will go to the cafe.

Wednesday - going to the theater

There is no repertoire yet.

Thursday - trek to the museum

"Day of acquaintance with Russian writers"
Visit to the Bulgakov Museum along with an excursion.

Friday - Entertainment

Goodbye dinner, walk to the cafe.

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