International Court of Justice

Dear delegates!

It is my pleasure to welcome you all at our UN Model 2019! It is a remarkable event worthy of special attention. The International Court of Justice has an acknowledged place in the United Nations system, and in the peaceful settlement of international disputes. This year's agenda is alleged violations of sovereign reights and Maritime spaces in the Carrebean sea (Nicaragua v. Colombia). If you have a strong intention to contribute to United Nations' actions and are resolute enough to fight for justice - do not think twice and join us now!

We are looking forward to seeing you in our midst!

Sincerely yours,

Expert of the International Court of Justice
Suvorov Georgy


  • Distinguished delegates!

    It is an honor to take part of this committee that waves the flag of justice and sovereignty. I am looking forward to meet you all brave delegates that want to make our English committee unforgettable. The ICJ is a place where experienced, bilingual and talented delegates from all over Russia and the world get together. One of my personal goals is to give an impulse to our newcomers so they can go past their limits and develop their speaking skills. The work of this organism works differently as it is the only judicial authority in the UN. The agenda of this year is special for me because we will be discussing about a maritime dispute of my home continent.

    Welcome to be part of the memorable MSUMUN 2019, get on board with us!

    Best wishes,
    Joselyn Franco
    Vice-President of the International Court of Justice





President, Judge 1 Daria Sergeeva 
Vice-president, Judge 2 Joselyn Franco 
Advocate Side (Colombia) Zhonibek Khurramov 
Advocate Side (Nicaragua) Vittorio Cutrera
Judge 3 Jesus Yaniz Gonzalez 
Judge 4 Anna Andreeva 
Judge 5 Elena Potyseva 
Judge 6 Lada Sultanova 
Judge 7 Ulvi Ocaqli Agil 
Judge 8  Anastasiia Matosova
Judge 9 Andrianova Elizaveta 
Judge 10 Shatunovskiy-Byurno Konstantin 
Judge 11  Clemence Nizet
Judge 12 Maksim Cherpak 
Judge 13  
Judge 14  
Judge 15  
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