Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice was founded by the Economic and Social Council and is one of its functional commissions. The commission is a primary policy-making body of the United Nations in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice. CCPCJ offers UN member states the platform for experience, knowledge and information exchange in order to work out the common priorities in combating transnational crime.

Agenda: Countering child sexual exploitation and sexual abuse online

Working language: English
Members and observers: 40+4
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Honourable delegates!

I am immensely delighted to greet you on behalf of the President of ECOSOC Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Our committee is an official policy-making body of UN on crime and crime prevention, which means that any decision it adopts will be the official stance of the United Nations on a particular subject of criminal policy. This is no less than an extremely responsible task to carry out.

This year we will focus on piracy, which is one of the most ancient international crimes. In the times of the Roman Empire the perpetrators of this crime were called enemies of the whole mankind, hostes humanigeneris, and not in vain, for acts of piracy were and are often coupled with physical and psychological violence towards persons, plunder, and material damage. In our time, the most piracy-ridden region of the world is Western Africa. The situation there continues to pose a great threat to economy and international security and stability same as off the coast of Somalia in 2010s. And same as then, an increasing number of actors is interested in protecting this economically important region.

The problem of piracy can indeed be tackled by the means of international law. In order to do this efficiently, it is important to remember basic principles of international law as well as definitions enshrined in relevant international conventions. I cannot wait to hear the positions of your countries and see how you will shift the present order of things.

Yours truly,
President of the CCPCJ,
Oksana Bekh



Honourable delegates!

It is a true honor to welcome you to MSUMUN 2022 on behalf of the Vice President of ECOSOC Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ). I have participated in six conferences both as a delegate and a member of the presidium. From my experience, I can say that MUN provides valuable opportunities to improve your diplomatic, creative, and leadership skills.

The CCPCJ deals with all aspects of crime prevention and also cooperates with various other U.N. bodies. In our committee we will address the problem of maritime piracy on the Gulf of Guinea. It negatively affects both global trade and the safety of seafarers working in the region. The relevance of the Agenda is proven by the fact that, according to IMB's latest figures, the Gulf of Guinea is considered as the piracy hotspot. Pirates operating within this region show violent actions by being well-equipped to attack further away from shorelines.

I cannot wait to meet you all at MSUMUN 2022 and am excited to see how you bring this CCPCJ committee to life. I am here to help you and make your conference experience the best it can be!

Vice President of the CCPCJ,
Meerim Zholdoshova

Dear delegates!

I am really glad to welcome you at the MSU Model United Nations 2022 as the CCPJ Expert. Thank you for choosing our model and our committee.

Our agenda is really acute in times of pandemic and the increase in the number of people living on the breadline caused by it. Unfortunately, the current situation has led to an even greater increase in the number of attacks by pirates in the world.

Our most important task is to eradicate this vicious practice and the factors that cause it. We invite you to join the discussion and try to solve the problem together.

I am sure that we will have heated debates, constructive work and each of you will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the world.

We will be sincerely glad to see you among the participants of our Model! See you soon

Yours faithfully,
CCPJ Expert,
Karina Kuz’mina


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